The longest cable-stayed bridge in India, the Sudarshan Setu in Dwarka, is opened by PM Modi.
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In Dwarka, Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened the Sudarshan Setu, the longest cable-stayed bridge in India. The bridge is extremely important to the people who live nearby as well as the pilgrims who come to the hallowed Dwarkadhish Temple.

Sudarshan Setu
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi formally opened the Sudarshan Setu, India’s longest cable-stayed bridge, on Sunday. It spans the distance between the Okha mainland and Beyt Dwarka. Bhupendra Patel, the chief minister of Gujarat, was present for the inauguration.

The unique design of the bridge includes a pathway decorated with pictures of Lord Krishna and verses from the Bhagavad Gita. With its solar panels installed, the bridge produces one megawatt of electricity.

Bridge Price

The 2.32 kilometer bridge, which cost Rs 979 crore to build, is significant to the locals and pilgrims that visit the Dwarkadhish Temple. The walkways on both sides of the bridge are 2.50 meters wide, giving it a width of 27.20 meters.

The longest cable-stayed bridge in India, the Sudarshan Setu in Dwarka, is opened by PM Modi.
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The well-known Dwarkadhish temple of Lord Krishna is located in Dwarka town, some 30 kilometers away from the island of Beyt Dwarka, which is close to Okha port. Prior to being renamed as Sudarshan Setu, the bridge was known as the “Signature Bridge.”

PM Modi stated on X (previously Twitter) ahead of the bridge’s inauguration: “Tomorrow is a special day for Gujarat’s growth trajectory.” The Sudarshan Setu, which connects the Okha mainland with Among the other projects being inaugurated is Beyt Dwarka. This beautiful project will improve connectivity.

In order to facilitate the journey for devotees between Okha and Bet Dwarka, the Center started construction on the bridge in 2017. Before it was built, pilgrims had to depend on boats to go to the Dwarkadhish Temple.

The Sudarshan Setu is seen by the populace as a solution to their problems. Dwarka was also a part of “Viksit Bharat,” according to PM Modi. It is anticipated that the bridge will increase travel, save time, and enhance access to high-quality medical treatment.

In addition to the Sudarshan Setu, he will also officially open and lay the groundwork for several projects in the districts of Jamnagar, Devbhumi Dwarka, and Porbandar. These projects include the electrification of a 533-kilometer railway line and the opening of two offshore pipelines operated by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas at Vadinar.

Additionally, five campuses of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) will be opened by Prime Minister Modi at Rajkot, Gujarat; Bathinda, Punjab; Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh; Kalyani, West Bengal; and Mangalagiri, Andhra Pradesh.

PM Modi

According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Lord Krishna made it possible for Sudarshan Setu to be built by his hands. After praying at the historic site of Dwarka, Gujarati Chief Minister Narendra Modi remarked, “As the chief minister of Gujarat, I kept my suggestion for Sudarshan Setu to the Congress in the Center but they paid no notice.” “There, I presented a peacock feather that I had brought with me. Prime Minister Modi said, “Today, my dream came true, and I am bursting with emotions.”

The opposition made fun of me when I promised the people a new India. However, any Indian today may witness the creation of a new India right before their eyes. Despite having a long reign of power, they lacked the motivation to bring about any improvements for the populace. as they only made an attempt to support one family. Their attention was solely directed at devising a five-year plan for managing the government while ignoring the frauds. In the ten years preceding 2014, India’s economy ranked only eleventh. The PM Modi claimed that “their schemes also drained out the meager money they used to allocate.”

“I pledged that I would prevent the nation from being plundered when you all blessed me and sent me to Delhi in 2014.” Since I completely stopped all the scams that used to occur during the Congress administration, India’s economy has grown to become the fifth largest in the world. The architectural wonders that are currently seen in India are the outcome of this.”

According to PM Modi, Sudarshan Setu is an engineering masterpiece comparable to the Chenub bridge, Atal Setu in Mumbai, and the vertical lift railway sea bridge in Tamil Nadu.

While having a “darshan” of Dwarka City while swimming in the Arabian Sea, Narendra Modi claimed that a lot of old memories came to mind. He remembered one such instance from his trip to Astrakhan, a sister city of Gujarat state in Russia.

The longest cable-stayed bridge in India, known as “Sudarshan Setu,” connects the Gujarati island of Beyt Dwarka with the Okha mainland. The endeavor got underway in 2017. Situated about 30 miles from Dwarka town, the site of the renowned Dwarkadhish temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, lies the island of Beyt Dwarka, which is close to Okha port.

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