Michelle Troconis was found guilty in relation to Jennifer Dulos’s disappearance from Connecticut.

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STAMFORD, Connecticut — Friday marked the conviction on all counts of Jennifer Dulos’ murder by Michelle Troconis, almost five years after the mother of five from Connecticut vanished from view.

Michelle Troconis was found guilty in relation to Jennifer Dulos's disappearance from Connecticut.
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The jury, which consisted of three men and three women, deliberated for approximately fourteen hours before finding Troconis guilty of conspiring to commit murder, tampering with evidence, and impeding the prosecution.

In particular, the jury concluded that she had colluded with Fotis Dulos to kill his estranged wife, had given him a false alibi, and had assisted him in getting rid of bloody evidence.

With her sisters and parents seated right behind her in the courtroom, Troconis dropped her head and began to cry. She collapsed into her chair and rested her head on the table as soon as the verdict was announced in full.

Image Credits:- CNN | Michelle Troconis

The relatives of Jennifer Dulos seemed relieved from across the courtroom.

Troconis asked to say farewell to her family as she was being led out of the courthouse, but she was only permitted to speak a few words in Spanish.

Prosecutors said that Troconis developed a hatred for Jennifer Dulos as a result of her expensive divorce and custody dispute with Fotis Dulos.

According to defense lawyer Jon Schoenhorn, the case was predicated on conjecture on conjecture.

Schoenhorn remarked, “I just do not see how the jury could have reached this verdict.” “We will contest whether there were mistakes in the trial that call for a reconsideration; if that does not happen in this court, we will take the matter to the appellate or supreme court.”

The five Dulos children now look up to Lauren Almeida, their longtime nanny, as they leave court, grinning.

Insisting that Troconis is innocent, her grieving parents and sisters spoke to reporters outside the courthouse.

Michelle Troconis was found guilty in relation to Jennifer Dulos’s disappearance from Connecticut.

“I came to this nation many years ago in search of possibilities, fairness, and freedom. I also relocated my entire family here; I have eight American grandchildren. Her father, Dr. Carlos Troconis, observed, “And today we are here, grieved, since there has been a huge injustice in my daughter’s trial.” “We will never stop proving that she is innocent.”

“I understand that everyone is looking for explanations, and perhaps this is a wonderful day that she was found guilty at last, or that someone is bearing the cost. However, she is not the proper one,” Claudia Troconis, the sister of Troconis, repressed a sob.

The case against Michelle Troconis

In 2019, Troconis was charged with covering up the murder of her boyfriend Fotis Dulos’s estranged wife. Despite being accused of murder in the case, Fotis Dulos took his own life.

Throughout the trial, which lasted for a month, jurors were briefed by dozens of witnesses and by Troconis herself in three different Connecticut State Police interviews.

During those interviews, Troconis altered her account; at first, she claimed to have been at home with Fotis Dulos on the day that Jennifer Dulos vanished, but she later acknowledged that was untrue.

In a different security footage, Troconis was seen wiping her hand on the ground as Fotis Dulos disposed of bloodied evidence. Prosecutors contended that although she was claiming to be cleaning gum off her hand, she was aware of what was happening and assisted with the disposal.

The primary charge in the case was murder conspiracy, a class B felony punishable by up to 20 years in jail. This raised a significant legal concern.

Troconis’ bail was increased by the judge from $2.1 million to $6 million. She will be put under home arrest if she is unable to make the payment.

The date of her sentence is May 31. She may get up to 20 years in prison if the charges are pursued concurrently. 50 years would be accumulated if they continued in that order.

The vanishing of Jennifer Dulos

Jennifer Dulos
Image Credits:- CBSNEWS | Jennifer DulosImage

1,743 days after Jennifer Dulos disappeared from her New Canaan home, Troconis was found guilty.

The 50-year-old left her children at school and was reported missing in May 2019. She was involved in a contentious and costly divorce and custody dispute with Fotis Dulos.

The jury was taken through a convoluted timeline by the prosecution, which began with Fotis Dulos using an employee’s truck and parking it in New Canaan, then riding a bike to Jennifer Dulos’ house and killing her in the garage, using her SUV to dispose of the body in an unidentified place, and finally giving up on that vehicle and heading back to his Farmington mansion.

The following week, Fotis Dulos and his girlfriend Troconis were taken into custody on allegations of tampering with tangible evidence and impeding the prosecution. He posted bond, entered a not guilty plea, and was mandated to wear a GPS tracking device around his ankle.

Along with his civil counsel, Kent Mawhinney, police again detained Fotis Dulos and Troconis in January 2020, accusing him of murder and her of conspiring to commit murder.

Fotis Dulos was supposed to appear in court for a bail hearing three weeks later, but when he got home, he was not responding. After being taken to the hospital due to carbon monoxide poisoning, he passed away two days later from what appeared to be a suicide.

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Jennifer Dulos, meanwhile, is thought to be dead even though her body has never been located. In addition to evidence pointing to a possible attempt to clean up the scene, police said there was enough bloodshed in her garage to conclude she did not survive.

The five children that Jennifer Dulos left behind are currently under the supervision of their 88-year-old grandmother.

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