Article 370 Movie was Biggest hurdle in JK’s development: PM Modi
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article 370 movie

The potential of the upcoming film “Article 370” to give the public correct information has been acknowledged by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Actor Yami Gautam conveyed her appreciation for the recognition and her goal to surpass expectations in her on-screen interpretation of the narrative.

article 370 movie
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During a speech at a rally in Jammu on February 20, Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned an upcoming film about Article 370 and claimed it will help people learn the truth.

At a public rally held at Jammu’s Maulana Azad Stadium, the Prime Minister declared, “I have heard that a movie regarding Article 370 would be launched this week.” Your “Jai Jai Kaar” (cheers) should be echoed across the nation, in my opinion.”

Article 370 Movie

PM Modi has made two trips to the Jammu region since August 2019, when Article 370 was removed. This visit also happened to coincide with the movie’s impending release later this week. Modi noted that he was not familiar with the details of the movie but emphasized that these kinds of works had the ability to give the people correct information.

“I have no idea what the movie is about, but I saw on TV yesterday that a movie regarding Article 370 was coming out. Good, people will benefit from having accurate information,” the prime minister remarked.

Yami Gautam responded to Prime Minister Modi’s statement on Instagram, posting a video of the speaker along with the message, “Watching PM @narendramodi Ji speaking about #Article370Movie is an incredible honor.” I sincerely hope that my crew and I surpass your expectations in presenting this amazing tale to the big screen!”

Director of Article 370

Producer Aditya Dhar, who won the National Film Award for Best Director for his directing of “Uri: The Surgical Strike,” is behind the movie “Article 370.” The movie centers on eliminating terrorism in Kashmir by nullifying the effects of Article 370, in which Gautam plays an intelligence operative. On August 5, 2019, the Central government divided the former state of Jammu and Kashmir into the union territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, rescinding Article 370, which had granted the former state unique status.

Aditya Suhas Jambhale

Aditya Suhas Jambhale is directing the film, which is scheduled to open in theaters on February 23 and stars Arun Govil, Priyamani, and Yami Gautam. The release of the movie, which comes right before the nation’s upcoming legislative elections, has further piqued popular interest in how Article 370 repeal is portrayed.

The Supreme Court’s judgment on Article 370

The Supreme Court affirmed the central government’s decision to disregard Article 370 of the Constitution on December 11th, ruling that Jammu & Kashmir shares the same level of internal sovereignty as the other states in the nation. When drafting the decision for himself, Chief Justice DY Chandrachud noted, “J-K can be subject to all the provisions of the Indian Constitution, including Justices Gavai and Surya Kant. We uphold the constitutional validity of the president’s use of authority to issue an order nullifying Article 370 of the Constitution.” The government’s decision to separate the union territory of Ladakh from the former state of Jammu & Kashmir was also confirmed by the five-judge panel of the highest court.

Article 370 Story:-

A young field agent is selected for a top-secret mission to combat corruption and terrorism from the Prime Minister’s office.


With the release of the movie and the approaching national legislative elections, popular interest in the depiction of Article 370 revocation has grown even more.

article 370 movie release date

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The elimination of Article 370 removes “dynasty politics” obstacles to J&K’s development: Modi

Jammu: During a speech at a rally on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted a forthcoming film about Article 370 and emphasized the significance of disseminating correct information.
“I have heard there might be a movie about Article 370 coming out this week. Speaking at a public rally at Maulana Azad Stadium in the center of Jammu, Prime Minister Modi remarked, “I hope your ‘Jai Jai Kaar’ (cheers) are going to be heard all over the country.”

The statement was delivered by the Prime Minister on his second trip to the Jammu area after Article 370 was repealed in August 2019. It was timed to coincide with the movie’s scheduled release later this week.


As the major protagonists struggle with personal and political issues, audiences witness the peak of tensions surrounding Article 370 in the movie’s closing moments. To show the variety of viewpoints and feelings involved, the movie deftly weaves together the stories of those impacted by the repeal of Article 370, from politicians to common people.

Protests across Jammu and Kashmir follow the government’s decision to abolish Article 370, reflecting the region’s long-standing complaints and divisions. The heroes, caught in the midst of this chaos, must choose between pursuing justice and liberty and remaining loyal to their country.

Moments of kindness and unity appear amid the mayhem, demonstrating how resilient people can be in the face of hardship. The protagonists inspire hope for a better future by demonstrating their unshakable commitment to their ideals through bravery and sacrifice.

Ultimately, the movie encourages discussion and introspection by getting audiences to consider the nuances of nationalism, identity, and democracy. The settlement highlights the value of empathy, understanding, and reconciliation in times of conflict and ambiguity even when it might not provide definitive answers. Viewers are left with a moving reminder of the strength of unity and the continuous struggle for justice and peace in Jammu and Kashmir as the credits roll.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Article 370 movie release date?

    23 February 2024

  2. Article 370 Movie Budget ?

    The budget for creating Article 370 was approx ₹ 35 crore, which included expenses for production and promotion. Part 370: Success or Failure?

  3. Article 370 Movie Director Name ?

    Aditya Suhas Jambhale is directing the film, which is scheduled to open in theaters on February 23 and stars Arun Govil, Priyamani, and Yami Gautam.

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